How to Create a Website On Google: Step by Step Guide

How to Create a website on Google: step by step guide 

How to Create a Website On Google: Step by Step Guide

If you want to earn money online, Blogging is the best way to earn money online. If you have good writing skills and if you are able to write anything interestingly, Then you are eligible to make money with a website. Already so many people in India are earning lakhs with blogging. So, If you are also interested to start a website and earn money by writing articles on it. You don't need to learn coding to create a Website without coding you can easily create your website on Google. Now let us know Step by Step process to create a Website on Google 

Choosing a Topic/Niche

First, you need to decide that by which topic you want to start a website, This is the most important thing in blogging, choose a topic that you are interested in it, If you choose your topic randomly then you can't able to maintain your website for a long time, So take some time and seriously think about your website topic that can be related to Technology, Health, Fashion, Lifestyle, Movies, and Cooking, etc…

Buying a Domain

The domain is an address to your website people find your website by a Domain, For example, our website domain is www., If you search it in Google then this website will be open. By this, you should choose a domain that is suitable for your website topic.

Tips to Choose a Perfect Domain

1.Choose your domain that should be related to your Topic/Niche, For example, if you want to start a website that is related to movies then choose your domain containing movie-related words like Cinema, Film. Choosing a Domain with this tip helps the visitors of your website will be able to understand that your website is related to which content.

2.Choose a short domain name that should be simple, easy to remember, and maintain less than 15 characters. And mainly choose a unique Domain that helps your website rank faster on Google. For example, The Domain is simple, shorter, and easier to remember than the Domain Choosing a Domain with this tip helps the visitors of your website easily remember your unique domain name.

3.Choose a Suitable end of your Domain 

For Example:, the .in end is suitable for this Domain, Like this, you have to choose a matching end to your Domain.

It is a popular Myth that only .com is best and gives a faster ranking this is not true. All endings have the same capability of ranking a Domain doesn't matter with its ending .com/.in/.org/ The ranking of a Domain depends on your content, ON-page, and OFF-page SEO.

You can buy your Chosen domain in google domains, GoDaddy and many other Domain selling Platforms are there, But in all of them, GoDaddy and Google Domains are popular platforms.

Selecting a Platform

There are two most popular platforms available to start your website. 1.Blogger 2.Wordpress, Let us know about them.

Blogger: Blogger completely belongs to google. You can make a free website with a blogger without any cost, Blogger freely provides a custom domain for your website and you don't need to take hosting in blogger because blogger provides unlimited free storage. But by comparing with WordPress Blogger have limited features. If you aren't interested in investing in Blogging and if you don't have any blogging experience, I suggest you start your first website in Blogger.

WordPress: 39% of websites on the Internet are created with WordPress. This is the Most Popular website making platform, WordPress is a completely paid service you have to invest money in WordPress to make your website and you will also buy a Domain and Hosting plan in WordPress, The websites created in WordPress are looks like a professional website, WordPress has more website making tools and features than blogger. If you want to invest in blogging and if you have experience in blogging, I suggest you start your website in WordPress.

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