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 How to create a YouTube channel and upload videos


YouTube is the most popular video-sharing company and also a platform to unleash your creativity, knowledge, and Lifestyle to the world. So many people expose their talents on YouTube and become a celebrity. And also you can earn money through YouTube by displaying Google Ads in your videos. If you want to unleash your creativity and make money through YouTube.You need to start a YouTube channel.

        Follow these steps to create your YouTube channel,

Step 1:- sign up on YouTube with your Gmail account

Step 2:- Open your account and click on your channel

Set a unique name for your channel to find easily on YouTube.

And then you have successfully created your YouTube channel go to the videos section and upload your first video on YouTube

Note: According to the YouTube guidelines to monetize your YouTube channel. Your channel must cross at least 1k Subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time for your videos in the past 12 months period and your videos must be unique and also check that images and video clips on your videos don't be copied from other sources, some websites like pixels,pixabay are providing free images and video clips you can use them in your videos.

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