How to Create and Add a Custom Favicon to your Blog

How to Create and Add a Custom Favicon to your Blog


You all know about a favicon icon by default it is present in the Top-Left corner of your website. Have you ever thought about changing the default favicon and replacing it with your own favicon? By replacing the default favicon with your favicon it will help to grab audience attention in the search results and your audience will easily be able to find your website. If you have a custom favicon to your Blog they think that you are a professional blogger. Are you struggling to create and add a favicon to your Blog? So in this article, I'm gonna tell you How to Create and Add a Custom Favicon to your Blog 

What is Favicon

A favicon is a type of logo that appears like a profile picture to your Blog. A custom favicon gives a unique Identity to your Blog by that your viewers are quickly able to Identify your blog. Having a unique custom favicon helps you to create your own identity for your blog. And if anyone bookmarks or adds your blog into the home screen, initially your blog favicon will appear. By these you will get a branding Identity to your Blogs. 

What is the size of a favicon?

The size of a blogger favicon can be 16×16×, 24x24px, 48x48px, or 96x96px. Yes, your blogger favicon must be a square and it should be less than 100kb. While creating a favicon to your blog the favicon dimensions should be a square dimension i.e it can be 8×8px 96×96 but ensure that your favicon size should be less than 100kb.

How to create a Favicon?

To create a Favicon initially you need to design a profile/LOGO suitable to your blog. You need to create your profile or LOGO in 1:1 ratio to get a better favicon.

Well after you finished it follow these steps to create a Favicon:-

  1. Open this free favicon generator tool in your browser;


   2. And click the PNG to ICO option in Favicon generators


   3. Upload a profile or LOGO that you made for your website.

   4. And click the download button your favicon has successfully downloaded as a zip file.

  5. Extract the Zip file in your Mobile/PC you will get a lot of favicons with different type of dimensions. 

  6. Successfully now you created a perfect custom Favicon to your blog then it's time to upload the favicon to your blogger.

How to add Custom Favicon in Blogger

1. Login to your Blogger dashboard 

2. Go to settings page in your blogger dashboard

How to add Custom Favicon in Blogger

 3. Click the favicon button in your blogger dashboard


 4. Click the choose file button and select a Favicon that extracted from Zip file. And click on save.

5. Now you have successfully added your custom Favicon in Blogger.

Note: The Favicon you added to your blog didn't appear immediately to your website it may take 4-5 days to update the custom Favicon.


Thanks for reading this article. I hope you will learned the complete information about what is Favicon, How to create a Favicon and how to add a Favicon to your blog. 

If you are facing any problem regarding Favicon comment here.

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